Seungwon Kim

I am an electrical engineer at Incheon International Airport Corporation. I have worked as an electrical engineer at Incheon Airport Corporation for five years. I have sought to advance the airport’s electrical signal data collection by managing the SCADA system. After I recognized the potential impact AI can have on electrical engineering and the airport overall, I enrolled in Georgia Tech's OMSCS program and successfully completed my master's in computer science in 2020 while working full time.

My research interests lie in the field of Reinforcement Learning and Natural Language Processing. For the past two years, I have worked on Batch Reinforcement Learning, Text Summarization, and Adapters, resulting in workshop publications at EMNLP and ACL.

I'm deeply passionate about machine learning and want to utilize AI to improve my work as well as the quality of life for all and positively impact society.

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Revisiting Pretraining with Adapters
Seungwon Kim, Alex Shum, Nathan Susanj, Jonathan Hilgart
ACL Workshop on Representation Learning for NLP, 2021, Best Paper Award

Using Pre-Trained Transformer for Better Lay Summarization
Seungwon Kim
EMNLP Scholarly Document Processing Workshop, 2020


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